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Thank you to all of our builders, homeowners, and industry partners for your honest feedback.  We appreciate you so much and enjoy working with you everyday!  - ACES Staff

“WOW! This is exactly what I needed. You are seriously awesome!
We’ve got so many houses coming through and I just wanted to see if I could check on the homes that came through right when I started.
This is seriously great! Thank you a million times over.“

  Date: April 2, 2021 Relationship: Builder    Project Date: April 2021

“I just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are for the work you did on our 10 year warranty request. The homeowner was extremely excited to close on her beautiful new home with the added benefit of this warranty.  We will be in touch with you in the future for our future projects.“

  Date: April 29, 2020 Relationship: Builder    Project Date: April 2020

“ACES is awesome!  We’ve been with ACES for as long as I can remember.“

Date: April 8, 2020   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: April 2020

“We have worked with Aces for years. I’ve shopped many other warranty companies and haven’t found anyone that provides as comprehensive a policy for the price as ACES.”

  Date: July 5, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: June 2016

“Great service. Friendly. Easy to use. Very informative. Fast response to any issue at hand. Great with customers as well. Always professional in every manner.”

Date: June 29, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: February 2016

“ACES Builder’s Warranty has been helping us become Austin’s Best Custom Builder for over 15 years! Thank you for all of your great service!”

  Date: June 21, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: June 2015

“I work for a home builder who uses ACES Home Warranty for our Buyers.  I have worked in home sales with the folks at ACES for over 23 years, both with large home builders and small. One of the reasons I chose to move from a large builder to my current Home Builder was that they offered ACES Home Warranties to all of their buyers. They are reliable, communicate well and started right here in Texas!”

Date: June 20, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: June 2016

“I can’t say enough kind things about this company. When my maternal aunt suddenly passed away this past February, I was unable to make the Builders seminar you were sponsoring. The assistant, whose name I just completely blanked on was so sweet and offered to send me the slide presentation. Great customer service!!”

Date: June 19, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: August 2013

“I have worked with ACES Builder’s Warranty on many jobs. From a builder’s perspective, they have always been efficient on getting the paperwork to us for closing as well as been very helpful with answering questions. They have also have put on some continuing education events in Houston. I can recommend ACES Builder’s Warranty without reservation.”

 Date: June 18, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: June 2016

“Extremely professional, neutral, intermediary that effectively manages clients expectations and best practices for both builders and homeowners. We use them exclusively for all our homes.”

 Date: June 18, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: December 2012

“Been using ACES since they first started the Company. They are very efficient and are great to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone building new homes.”

  Date: June 17, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: March 2016

“We love ACES Builders’ Warranty. We are a custom home builder and every house we build is covered by ACES. They are always quick, friendly, efficient and affordable.”

  Date: June 17, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: Ongoing

“ACES Builder’s Warranty is a trusted Company in which we rely on for all our Warranty Needs. We feel confident that all of our clients will be taken care of when we partner with ACES Builder’s Warranty. Thanks ACES for making the process so easy.”

  Date: June 17, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: June 2016

“Kristina was awesome to work with. This was our first time using ACES. The process was extremely efficient and quick. They worked with our title company to prepare documents for the buyers and everything was executed without any problems. We will definitely use ACES on our future home sales!”

  Date: June 17, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: June 2016

“We’d like to comment on our experience with ACES, as a new comer to the Houston housing market, having ACES on our side was tremendously helpful. We built four town homes, as any construction project, most things work perfectly but there are always things are not perfect. Aces helped us to understand our responsibilities as builders and the limits that were agreed with our home buyers at the time of closing that made sure that we can meet our commitments.”

  Date: February 2, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: Ongoing

“Great company. Best warranty product on the market.”

  Date: January 19, 2016   Relationship: Insurance Company    Project Date: N/A

“We have been using Aces for several years now and are completely satisfied with their quick responses to our requests. They are always courteous and helpful with any questions we might have.”

  Date: January 8, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: Ongoing

“This is a company staffed with the most qualified and pleasant people i have come to know. What a delight to work with Kristina McClab, the office manager and Jen Camarena, office assistant. Is it possible that there is a better company than Aces in this line of work? I seriously doubt it.”

  Date: January 7, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: Ongoing

“Aces Builders’ Warranty has been a great service provider to our Construction and Development Group. They look for ways to be a solution to the many challenges of the day. And they are incredibly helpful… always! -CFO”

  Date: January 6, 2016   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: January 2016

“Dear Brenda, It was a pleasure of an inspection! Thank you for your good company & expertise. Who would believe that an inspection would be so enjoyable?”

 Date: Sept 28, 2015   Relationship: Homeowner    Project Date: June 2016

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Sandy Cantesano with Aces Builders Warranty for over four years. After many years of “thinking about it”, Sandy finally convinced me to become an Aces Customer this year. I don’t know why I waited so long. Sandy met with all of my homebuyers, explained  to them in detail how the Aces Builders Warranty a)complements their TAB contract, b) provides a neutral third party that will objectively resolve any warranty issues that arise, and c) are accessible even when I’m not (i.e vacation, hospitalized, etc). Every single one of my homeowners happily signed up. Sandy and her support staff have been a great resource and member of our team as well, ensuring that any warranty matters are handled in an expeditious, prudent, and professional manner. I intend to continue working with Sandy Cantesano and her team at Aces Builders Warranty and gladly recommend her/them to other builders who care about customer service after the sale and need a third party warranty administrator.”

  Date: Sept 21, 2015   Relationship: Builder    Project Date: August 2015

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