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To Initiate Intervention:

  • Send Request in Writing to ACES Office:

  • Email Request to  OR

  • Fill Out Request form at

  • Include Attempts to Resolve and Contact Info

  • ACES Staff will Contact you to Schedule an Inspection

At the Inspection Expect:  (A Fair and Unbiased Look at the Complaint in Person)

  • Who?: the Homeowner, the Builder, and a neutral Inspector

  • What?: A Walk Through of the Problem(s) with Inspector

  • When?: At a Time Scheduled in Advance

  • Where?: At the Residence Covered by the Warranty

  • Why?: To Examine Problems with a Third-Party Inspector

After the Inspection:

  • The Inspector will Write a Report (about a week or two)

  • Inspector determines responsibility under the warranty.

  • ACES will Send the Report to Builder and Home Owner

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